Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BDJ Box #1: August 2013

To start going back to my previous kikay experiences, I will start off with my ultimate source of all things kikay - BDJ and BDJ Box.

See, it's only January but April boxes are almost SOLDOUT!

August 2013 BDJ Box was my very first box - it's a box filled with various cosmetics, and hygiene products (sample or actual sizes) which are very random and no one knows what it will contain every month. I remember being influenced to have this a try after seeing the items that my friend got. So I decided to pay for a 3-month subscription at Php 580 per box around May or June, but it already listed me for an August box. That's how fast they sell these boxes!

So what does this box actually contain?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My First Exposure to Make Up

I grew up pretty much one of the boys, so I did not spent my high school days looking through shades of lip gloss - all of them looked EXACTLY THE SAME to me.

So when did I take that "turn" into this colorful and "kikay" avenue? The answer probably lies between the time I was preparing for my wedding, to the time after getting married.

During the wedding preps, I was exposed to this world when I needed to find the person that would help me become the beautiful woman that I am. Knowing nothing with makeup, I had no idea what shade I am, and what features should be highlighted to make me stand out on my special day. Thanks to Google, I was able to give myself a crash course, but still a LOT HAS TO BE LEARNED.

I was very lucky enough to find myself a very good, and nice make up artist. She explained the process of what she does and what it was for. This helped a lot to build that confidence that I can redo what she did. Best part also, is that she is open to giving me beauty tips whenever I needed them - my own makeup guru.

Welcome... to ME!

I am no beauty expert, nor am I a makeup junkee, but I have been exposed (recently) to some of this crazy, colorful and wonderful stuff called cosmetics.

So, to help me document the ones I have tried and share with you my thoughts and what-not, I have randomly decided to create this blog site.

I do hope to be able to fill this up with helpful reviews, tips and share ideas with you all. I also plan to not limit this to cosmetics - hope to also share lifestyle tips or stories to a better version of ourselves.

Without further ado, let's welcome you (and me) to this world that my husband humorously call "face paint".

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