Sunday, January 26, 2014

My First Exposure to Make Up

I grew up pretty much one of the boys, so I did not spent my high school days looking through shades of lip gloss - all of them looked EXACTLY THE SAME to me.

So when did I take that "turn" into this colorful and "kikay" avenue? The answer probably lies between the time I was preparing for my wedding, to the time after getting married.

During the wedding preps, I was exposed to this world when I needed to find the person that would help me become the beautiful woman that I am. Knowing nothing with makeup, I had no idea what shade I am, and what features should be highlighted to make me stand out on my special day. Thanks to Google, I was able to give myself a crash course, but still a LOT HAS TO BE LEARNED.

I was very lucky enough to find myself a very good, and nice make up artist. She explained the process of what she does and what it was for. This helped a lot to build that confidence that I can redo what she did. Best part also, is that she is open to giving me beauty tips whenever I needed them - my own makeup guru.

So, after being all dolled up during the wedding, I wanted to always to look my best and have the confidence it brings. It was a different kind of confidence (in my opinion) because not only did I felt like a girl but a really pretty one, and so cleaned up. This is when I decided to do my research and go on to that quest to find the perfect products for my skin. After all, I needed to be pretty not just for someone else, but for myself now. ;)

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